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A. G.'s Preschool Storytime Program Page 


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         Written by Judy Sierra 

(Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2006) 

Image: Isaac B. with his Fly Pie   

    Photo from personal collection        






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Title of Program: Let's Get Silly and Learn about Words! 


ALSC Competencies:


VI. Programming Skills

  1. Designs, promotes, presents, and evaluates a variety of programs for children of all ages, based on their developmental needs and interests and the goals of the library.
  2. Identifies and utilizes skilled resource people to present programs and information. 
  3. Provides library outreach programs which meet community needs and library goals and objectives.
  4. Establishes programs and services for parents, individuals and agencies providing childcare, and other professionals in the community who work with children. 
  5. Promotes library programs and services to underserved children and families.  


Age Group of Audience: 3-6 Years 




 *Thelonius Monster's Sky-High Fly Pie: A Revolting Rhyme by Judy Sierra

Thelonius Monster swallowed a fly and found it to be very tasty. He decided flies would taste great in a pie. He invited friends and family over to enjoy his creation, but when they attempted to eat the Fly Pie, something very interesting occurs. 


*Flies are Fascinating by Valerie Wilkinson (Informational Book)

This book provides factual information on the life cycle of flies, what they eat, up-close photos, and more. 


*The Giant Jam Sandwich by John Vernon Lord

The town of Itching Down has been invaded by four million wasps and they don’t seem to be interested in leaving. Bap the baker has a unique idea to get rid of them that just may work. 


Activities including fingerplays, songs, and readings


Opening Song:

Shake Your Sillies Out!


First Book: Thelonius Monster's Sky-High Fly Pie: A Revolting Rhyme



I’m a Nut!


Second Book: Flies are Fascinating 



A Peanut Sat on a Railroad Track!

 (-Repeat once-)


Third Book: The Giant Jam Sandwich



 “Freeze Dance”- A children’s silly song will be played and at random times, I will stop the music. The goal is for the children to “freeze” when the music stops and of course, have fun! We all continue dancing and freezing until the song is complete.



“Simon Says”- I am “Simon” and give the children very simple instructions of “Simon Says: Touch your hair”, “Simon Says: Touch your eyebrows”, “Simon Says: Touch your chin”, etc. 


Hands-on Learning Component: 



Children will create their own “Fly-Pie” using small paper-plates (cream color), strips of manila drawing paper (lattice top of pie crust), and paper flies (printed on gray paper).  


        Photo from personal collection 


Caregiver Involvement and/or ECRR2 Family Education:


Explain Aside: “Parents and caregivers, this is a great story to teach rhyming and rich vocabulary. These are very important elements in encouraging early literacy. Let’s get ready for a silly story!”


Example Aside:Children will create a “Fly Pie” using small paper-plates (cream color), pre-cut strips of manila drawing paper (lattice top of pie crust), and paper flies (printed on gray paper). The children simply glue the strips of drawing paper and paper flies onto the paper-plate. 


Empower Aside: “Parents and caregivers you may take the handout I have created for the week. The handout will give ideas on how to extend the elements of today’s storytime.”





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