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A. S.'s Web 2.0 Tool Project Page



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ALA Core Competencies:

VI. Programming Skills 

  1. Designs, promotes, presents, and evaluates a variety of programs for children of all ages, based on their developmental needs and interests and the goals of the library.
  2. Identifies and utilizes skilled resource people to present programs and information.
  3. Provides library outreach programs which meet community needs and library goals and objectives

     5.    Promotes library programs and services to underserved children and families. 

VII. Advocacy, Public Relations, and Networking Skills

  1. Utilizes effective public relations techniques and media to promote an awareness of and support for meeting children's library and information needs through all media

VIII. Professionalism and Professional Development

     2.    Stays informed of current trends, emerging technologies, issues, and research in librarianship, child development, education, and allied fields. 

IX. Technology

  1. Possesses up-to-date computer and technology skills necessary for effective communications and presentations.
  2. Acquires familiarity with emerging technological trends and tools.
  3. Applies technological skills to provide reference services and programs for children and families.



Name of Tool and URL:

One True Media       www.onetruemedia.com

11. Description of Example and Its Use in the Library:
With photos, images, text, music, and special effects, a promotional video can be made to entice parents of young children to attend story times, as in my example, or it can promote other library outreach programs, certain books, collections, or events. 
12. Description of How the Example Capitalizes on the Tool's Potential:
 This promotional video stimulates both the auditory and visual senses, grabbing the viewer's attention and making it more memorable and less expensive than a flyer. It is a modern approach, has upbeat music, utilizes bright colors, and contains characters and movement that young children and their parents will enjoy.


Sample Promotional Video for Outreach Programs: 


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 American Library Association Office for Accreditation. 2009. Core Competences. http://www.ala.org/educationcareers/careers/corecomp/corecompetences (accessed December 12, 2013).


Dinosaur clip art from http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/images/results.aspx?qu=dinosaur&queryid=be481811%2Dfa47%2D4895%2Da9d9%2D581a3ca55dfb#pg:2|.


Jones, Dean. DREAM WHATEVER YOU DREAMhttp://www.onetruemedia.com/otm_site/auth_song?work_id=19418667&bin_id=8824380&type=theme.


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STORYTIME photo used with permission from the Saginaw Public Library


Storytime promotional video created at www.onetruemedia.com



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