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Saba's Web 2.0 Tool Project Page



Word cloud created at Wordle.net


Logo created at Tagxedo.com 


http://tinyurl.com/m5fn8pe (collage w/originals pics)

http://tinyurl.com/jwoo9qa (collage w/enhanced pics)


ALA Core Competences


ALSC Competences:

  • Knowledge of Client Group

     7. Cultivates an environment which provides for enjoyable and convenient access to and use of library resources.


  • Technology

     1. Possesses up-to-date computer and technology skills necessary for effective communications and presentations.



Name of Tool and URL:

Picture2Life (www.picture2life.com)

11. Description of Example and Its Use in the Library: 
 The collage of photographs, as seen in the example of my library‚Äôs youth services department, can be used by librarians for advertising purposes whether it through online or print media. Collages can easily be printed to make eye catching posters, displays, and marketing visuals for in-house use or community outreach. Additionally, collages can be embedded into blogs, Facebook pages, and websites for added visual appeal. 
12. Description of How the Example Capitalizes on the Tool's Potential:

I created two collages to demonstrate the difference between the original photographs versus those which were enhanced. There is an endless array of editing tools which allow for a variety of backgrounds, sizes, captions, frames, and overlays allowing for a truly customizable look.






American Library Association Office for Accreditation. 2009. Core Competences. http://www.ala.org/educationcareers/careers/corecomp/corecompetences (accessed December 12, 2013).


Vahidy, Saba. 2013. University Branch Library. Created at Picture2LIfe.com. Images courtesy of University Branch Library Youth Services.



Saba's Homepage


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