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Janelle's Web 2.0 Tool Project Page



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Janelle's Screenr.com Web 2.0 Tool:






I have obtained permission for limited use of images owned by the SirsiDynix corporation for the specific purpose of presenting a tutorial for tips and tricks for using the Huntsville Public Library catalog.


ALA Core Competencies:


1J. Effective communication techniques (verbal and written).


4D. The principles and techniques necessary to identify and analyze emerging technologies and innovations in order to recognize and implement relevant technological improvements.


5A. The concepts, principles, and techniques of reference and user services that provide access to relevant and accurate recorded knowledge and information to individuals of all ages and groups.


7A. The necessity of continuing professional development of practitioners in libraries and other information agencies.



11.  Description of Example and Its Use in the Library:

I created this example as an instructional tool for library patrons to help adapt to a newly updated OPAC at the Huntsville Public Library.  The 5 minute video shows patrons how to discover library items with a basic search, how narrow down the results list, and how to utilize the “my lists” feature.

12.  Description of How the Example Capitalizes on the Tool’s Potential:

Through the use of the screencast, patrons are able to visually follow step by step as a pre-recorded demo is presented in front of them.  The power of watching an actual search happen before a patron’s eyes, is much more effective than reading written instructions and more efficient than showing patrons individually.  A patron can also watch the video as many times a needed with this tool.





American Library Association Office for Accreditation. 2009. Core Competences. http://www.ala.org/educationcareers/careers/corecomp/corecompetences (accessed June 30, 2013).


Huntsville Public Library. 2013. "Search the Catalog." City of Huntsville/Huntsville Public Libraryhttps://halan.sdp.sirsi.net/client/hnt (assessed June 30, 2013).


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