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April's Web 2.0 Tool Project Page



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Web 2.0 Tool: Padlet




ALSC Competencies for Librarians Serving Children in Public Libraries


Knowledge of Client Group

7.Cultivates an environment which provides for enjoyable and convenient access to and use of library resources


User and Reference Services

8.Encourages use of materials and services through bibliographies, book talks, displays, electronic documents, and other special tools.



11.  Description of Example and Its Use in the Library:


This example is meant as a technology tool that offers information about multiple services the library has to offer for children. It includes blog entries, classifications on popular books, and links to important calendar events. It also encourages library use among parents with their children. It is kid friendly and offers interactive question and answer interface.

12.  Description of How the Example Capitalizes on the Tool’s Potential:


This example demonstrates the ways in which the padlet tool can canvas basically any information posted to the public. In this case I used it as a way to promote library services and make it kid friendly. Other ways padlet could be used is using it as a chat interface where children or parents would be able to communicate with librarians if they have questions on where to find an item or if they need help using something on the actual library website. It can also be used as an online story time or storyboard wall. It has so many different possibilities of uses that it has become such a great tool for librarians, teachers, and other educators.




All images used for the sample product are copyright-free from Clipart.com School Edition


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