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Anita's Web 2.0 Tool Project Page



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Anita's Web 2.0 Tool: Screencast-O-Matic


Citing a Journal Article in APA Format:   http://tinyurl.com/pajcer5



ALA Core Competences:

Foundations of the Profession

1J. Effective Communication Techniques (verbal and written)

Reference and User Services

5E. The principles and methods of advocacy used to reach specific audiences to 

promote and explain concepts and services.

Professional Competencies for Reference and User Services Librarians

Access: Critical Thinking and Analysis: #3, #4

Knowledge Base: Application of Knowledge: #3, #4


      Tool Homepage:



11.  Description of Example and Its Use in the Library:

This example is a tutorial designed to be used at my place of employment. It will be one of a series of short tutorials for students to access online for help when writing and citing in APA format. The tutorial will be placed within the Moodle 2 courseware management system for students to use whether they are in or out of the academic library setting.  This particular topic is how to properly cite a journal article in the reference list of a paper using APA format. Besides the other tutorials in this series, additional resources for help are listed within the example. 

12.  Description of How the Example Capitalizes on the Tool’s Potential:

I developed a PowerPoint presentation integrating copyright-free images. The tool enabled me to supply narration to the tutorial and to stop and pause recording as needed. By using the tool's highlighter pointing feature, I could direct the viewer's attention to certain areas of the slide. Auditory and visual learners can both benefit since text and audio are used together to teach the topic.  I enabled the participatory user features so that users may add notes, leave comments, and search for the site.



***References may also be found on the last slide of the Screencast-O-Matic tutorial.




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Screencast-O-Matic.com used for Web 2.0 Tool



Anita's Homepage

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